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Recfusion has been developing web applications for 20+ years using ColdFusion, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and a host of other tools, including standard MS Office programs. Recfusion handles all phases of the web creation process - from initial planning and concept development to final implementation and testing. Recfusion maintains professional alliances with web designers and other professionals to offer a wide range of quality services to clients.

Responsive Design

Fluent in cross-browser HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML/JSON. Custom programming for interactive data collection, information, and e-commerce systems.

Web Security

Fluent in securing web applications, databases, web servers, and application frameworks and servers. Fluent in Coldfusion administration and setup.


Integration of web applications with pay.gov, paypal.com and various other e-commerce programs.

Database Design

Fluent in Database design, development, and integration with web interfaces or intranets (SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access).


Coldfusion setup and administration, web development, cross platform applications, outdoor recreation & natural resource management.


Below are some examples of existing projects. Many others are intranet only or have been retired and are not listed here.

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Paria Canyon / Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness

Wilderness Permit System
Bureau of Land Management

website template image

Zion National Park

Wilderness Permit System
National Park Service

website template image

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Backcountry Permit System
National Park Service

website template image

A.T. Camper Registration

Backcountry Registration System
Appalachian Trail Conservancy

website template image

Interagency Wilderness Character Monitoring Database

Data Collection System

website template image

Recreation Impact Monitoring Management Tool

Data Collection System


Tim Carley, Principal Web Programmer.

Tim Carley combines his love of the outdoors with his web programming skills. Formally trained in Parks and Recreation Management (PRM), Tim has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Kansas State University, with specialties in PRM (his primary degree) as well as Natural Resource and Environmental Sciences (his secondary degree). He also finished 4 years of graduate work in PRM at Northern Arizona University. Over the past 15-20 years, Tim has worked in the Forestry, Resource Management, and Recreation Management fields. He now applies this knowledge to web development projects, specializing in applications-particularly online permit and data collection systems-for recreation areas. Tim has developed dynamic, database-driven applications for clients such as the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, and Northern Arizona University.

Not only is Tim proficient in a wide range of web development, database, and e-commerce technologies, but he is also skilled in network configuration and maintenance. In addition, his work for government contracts complies with all accessibility requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Visit Services to learn more about his specific capabilities.